Chef Kenichi YAMAMOTO


Originally from Japan, Chef Kenichi YAMAMOTO began his career in 1998 in Tokyo. After ten years in Japan, he moved to France to broaden his culinary horizons.


In Paris, he honed his skills in gourmet restaurants such as Le Relais d’Auteuil, under the supervision of Chef Patrick PIGNOL. He then continued for three years at Passiflore, as sous-chef alongside Roland DURAND, who was distinguished as a Meilleur Ouvrier de France.


His career took a new dimension when he joined Chef Jean Louis NOMICOS, with whom he worked for five years. Under his leadership, Mr. YAMAMOTO affirmed his expertise in creating both innovative and refined dishes.

He also served as the executive chef at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, handling major events and meals for influential personalities.


These diverse experiences have allowed Kenichi YAMAMOTO to develop his own style, blending traditional French culinary techniques with influences from his Japanese culture.

His signature dish, "Foie gras à la Saïkyo Kyoto style," perfectly illustrates his art. He pays particular attention to the preparation of sauces, which he considers the key elements of his creations, in order to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients.